FingerTec AC 900 series FingerTec TAC 100C FingerTec Keylock 8800
Fingerprint Door Access control and Time Attendance system delivers confidence and convience by personalisation of user through their fingerprints and eliminates the use of card system for door access.

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Its a colour multimedia time attendance system which is designed to record time and attendance using biometrics trait, fingerprint.
It is able to store fingerprint templates from 1500 for TA 102C to2,800 for TA103C.
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FingerTec Keylock 8800 is a breakthrough in mechanical door lock design featuring superior attributes
absent in other brands available in the market. Keylock 8800 offers fingerprint verification method,
password and card system, all in one machine for a very convenient operation process.

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Face ID2 i-Kiosk 100 Timeline 100
FingerTec® Face ID 2 is loaded with powerful microprocessor that can process dual biometrics
authentication methods, fingerprint and face, for accurate personal identifications and for
collection of precise data for time attendance and door access purposes
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i-Kiosk 100 is the premier fingerprint multimedia time attendance &
access control system, stylishly crafted to fulfill the rising market demand for ultra modern clocking
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The TimeLine 100 can handle huge employee base, as the system offers up to 10,000
employee IDs and it can store up to 30,000 transactions per terminal. It's stylish design with
LCD and soft-touch keypad buttons make the TimeLine 100 an efficient card system for your
office use.
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TA300 Keylock 6600 Q2i TA200 Plus
TA300 is the latest time attendance machine from FingerTec that works like a mobile gadget, a
desktop standalone fingerprint reader that does not require installation.
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FingerTec® Keylock 6600 Series effortlessly delivers security and sophistication to your access
control with a combination of fingerprint verification technology, password and mechanical key
to safeguard your property.
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The FingerTec® Q2i and TA200 Plus are astounding hi-tech time attendance and door access
products, designed to impress with colored screen TFT display for vivid color presentation.
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Kadex Q2 Ofisa
Kadex, access control & time attendance card reader supports card ID, 5-digit password or a
combination of both. Kadex terminal works with security alarm system to alert users in case of
break in and when duress function is used.
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The Q2 model of time attendance and door access control system comes with standard
capacities of fingerprint templates (3000) and transaction logs (50000), suitable for small and
medium enterprise office environment.
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To meet the demands of small-sized companies, OFIS TA incorporates the highly sensitive
PC-based fingerprint scanner with TCMS V2 to produce an effective time and attendance system
that is not only user-friendly but also fraud proof.
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