(DETECTIVE OF REPUTE) (Govt Reg. No.A II / 50069)

We have successfully blended our skills and experience to deliver a responsive and integrated service of the highest standard by relentlessly pursuing and maintaining excellence and very highest quality service. We value propositions to every client across the services we offer.

Harmonizing with the internal management team is our own state-of-the art computerized network that enables faster access and retrieval of data and case histories thereby enabling our trained personnel to rapidly and efficiently manage case files. Our efficiency, reliability, quality of service, method of business, precision and attention to find details all play their part in achieving excellent result of our clients.We have been providing services to our clients for the last 30 years plus. Having with us dedicated, trusted, reliable, efficient staff.

Specifically selected from Police Dejpartment, Military Intelligence Departments, IAS / IPS Officers Cadre, Graduate in various field of activity i.e. Advocates, Solicitors, Chartered Accountant, Journalist backed by information Network all over India.