(Govt. Reg. No. AII/50069)

We are one of Goa's leading INTEGRATED PROPERTY & MANAGEMENT Consultants & Advisors, established in the year 1977.Our Management obtaining the necessary expertise in the field of Investigation and Security and Mangement professionalism, established this organisation to cater to the industrial and commercial needs of Goan industrialists, Businessmen, individuals and others who availed of his services.

KIDDS immediate need for the business houses in Goa was to provide, effective result oriented investigation and security services skilled and semi skilled labour for their establishments.
KIDDS filled the void and succeeded in providing the required services in Goa.

KIDDS developed a niche for expertise in the field by utilzing the servics of Military, Police, Labour Advisors and Management experts, enchanced its value and developed ato provide services in Investigation, Security & Labour Laws consultancy and property managment and today KIDDS services are second to none in the region of Goa and its neighbouring areas.